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My Background

First commission (1984) Felt tips pens on 100msg paper

When I was eight years old I sold my first set of portraits: felt tip drawings on 130 mg cartridge paper. Today I am licensing my photo realist art work, entering Art competitions, teaching Art and exhibiting at the Autumn fair Trade Show.

My Medium

Mother & Child (1994) Soft pastels on cartridge paper
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I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, water colours and pastels. The Mother & Child is my iconic image and was my first attempt with soft pastels in 1994. The United Petdom Collection has been created with my favourite medium soft pastels.

My Inspiration

Peacock butterfly (2017) by J-Art & Ku design

I enjoy walks in nature and studying wildlife. My inspiration for my current art and design collection is summed up with this motto:

Real pets, real art,  United Petdom brand .

Skye the Puppy lives on a farm in Ayrshire, Scotland. Derek the dog is a springbat from Northamptonshire and Mac the cat is a house cat from Bridgend, Wales. I am still on the lookout for a real pet from Ireland for a complete wall art set .

My Heritage


This is Momma: Florence Mavour, my great Grandmother, born in Jamaica around 1895.  I painted 'Momma' (2014) onto canvas using acrylics and soft pastels. I have discovered through maternal DNA tests that I am: 1% Swedish, 30% Benin /Toga,  1% Irish and Welsh, 1% Assyrian. In short: 'all things to all men'.

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